Pheasant hunting in snohomish county?


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Does anyone hunt pheasant/upland birds in or around snohomish county? I've been looking at some of the DFW land and am thinking of giving it a shot. I realize there are better places to hunt but I'd really like to be able to hunt birds without having to drive 4 hours. Not asking for your best plot of land but just want to know if it's worth checking out. I appreciate any suggestions or thoughts. My dad would say "Ah screw it, there aren't any birds anymore, used to be hundreds of thousands but fewer people are growing wheat, etc...." but I'd like to get out nonetheless.
I gave Cherry Valley a few tries last year, but I was dog-less and couldn't manage to bag any birds myself. Plenty out there, though. There are a couple of other release sites nearby, too.

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