Last Minute SRC Offering

Give me a break; some of you people drive me crazy. The place mentioned is in the article on the site about SRC's. A very good one I might add. It is the one I read over two or three times before going out and catching my first SRC last weekend. If you really wanted to keep it secret why didn’t you ask Chris to take it off the site? Not only is it on this site in the article, but if you do a search it is in more than one previous tread regarding SRC’s. Lighten up. If you are that worried about jerks showing up where you are fishing, then stay home because you are bound to run into them every once in awhile. It is just not worth the effort. Why don’t some of you quit being such elitist and enjoy this sport like the rest of us. Also just grow up, sometime I think that are young friend is more mature than the rest of you.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I'd be glad to take you fishing and share some of my favorite spots with you, or any other member of this board, for that matter (well, maybe not G.W. Bush supporters). I just don't want to broadcast them on an open forum on the internet. My buddies would hang me hide on the shed, Ned, and then throw darts at it, if I did. I actually envy you people who live closer to the better year-round beach fishing for SRCs in the Sound and Canal and up around Port Townsend. (Long drive for me).
These sucky-mud-bottomed estuaries on the South coast are hard to fish effectively from the beach, and we must wait until late June before the SRCs even begin showing up, and then go after them in boats. The fishing improves as the Summer progresses into Fall, and then the SRCs begin going up out of the estuaries and into the free-running rivers.
Send me a pm or e-mail me at [email protected] and we can arrange to go fishing. Its not the best, but it is always a nice electric canoe ride. Starting right now I am working every day until after the 4th of July, but I may sneak away on Th or F it it drizzles.
The fishing is much better after the middle of July, anyway. Hikepat and a couple other guys took me up on this offer last year around the 4th, but it was too early and the fishing wasn't that good. It was too sunny and too many holiday people...I usually only go if there is a cloud cover, or when the tide changes are early or late in the day... better if it is rain showers or drizzling.

I would love to take you up that anytime. I will be back from my honeymoon on the 26th of July. So anytime after that I will be free (in so many words). I am planning on taking one of my groomsman fishing on the 13th of July in the waters around Kitsap county if you care to join us. Send me an e-mail if you are interested. -Nick

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Thanks for the offer. Might have to take you up on that, as I always enjoy going someplace different and meeting other fly fishers. I have a place to stay on Bainbridge, as my brother lives there (I lived there myself from '79 thru early '85 and know some beaches, although I didn't fly fish then). I have some ideas that are worth checking out.
I'm going to have to get up that way with nrmike's pine trees anyway.


Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
That was exactlly what I was tring to say earlier but it seems that post was over looked. All of these spots are listed in the article and have been in posts in the past. If nobody or just one person posted a reply then this tpoic would have disapeared and few people would have taken note of it. But by many people posting about not giving these "secret" places away then that brought a lot of attention to them. You brought some it it on yourselves. Thanks to thouse that understood.

Don't worry man, these guys are too uptight sometimes. As far as I am concerned, if you advertise where you are going to meet up with other fishermen you are a good guy. Don't worry about letting the cat out of the bag, it happens on this site every day. I don;t know why Rockfish or the other guys said anything considering you wern't talking about aything secret at all. Purdy is the spot for searuns without a boat, right?

Their advice is too obvious in my opinion and your location is too obvious as well. Their point has none.
just a little common sense is all I was saying.wbuggar quit bass fishing for awhile since I went trout fishing up at pnp about 2 weeks ago and relized why salmon are king.
been fishing southworth for kings and the fish are there, yesterday morning I didnt catch anything but was flyfishing for them in the drift there for giggles and had 2 of them follow my fly to the boat and swim away, sounds like you had a good day fishing for bass, I need to find them that thick.

catch and release wild sculpins

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Just realized that there is a big high tide just after 10pm here on the coast tonight with a near-full moon.
Good conditions for black rockfish off the jetties, as they might be feeding near the surface. The wind was really whippin' yesterday afternoon. Hasn't picked up much yet (almost 9am), but if it does, it may lay back down again at dusk.
I'm too busy this week to hit the estuaries for SRC, but now my last brain cell has begun blinking a little faster with the thought of some late evening jetty fishing. Never caught a rockfish on a fly before...this looks like a good opportunity to give it a try. Hope it ain't blowin' hard at dusk, as the wind will be straight onshore out of the North or Northwest, and the rock fishing is on the North side of the jetties here. I'll let you know if I go and how it was.


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