MA-9 is not over yet


turns all year
Thread topic confirmed. UV chartruese over a mix of white and red. Saw em jump down beach just a little deeper than the depth i was standing. Switched the cast to that direction and 2 casts later a tug and silver flash. Sea lion off shore gave me some lip as i was bleeding the fish. In MA8-2 just north of MA-9. Do i stop on a high note? Probably not. Wife willing, i'll be slipping out the house early again tomorrow.
Had a big buck on this morning in 9 again all the way to beach but he got off as we were pulling him up. So bummed. How long do you think we can push it. Tuesday? :)
So another question if you guys don't mid. Should we just pack it in when we stop getting tugs on days like this? As the tide gets later over the next week what would be a good strategy? On at sun up and off by 9 or 10? Or on a cloudy windy day is the light not so important as hitting the low tide?

Great thing about this time of year is that with each passing week it is more likely that you will get grabbed by a steelhead while salmon fishing.

So same flys? Chartreuse over white as well? This is the best news I have heard all week. Being here only a year means I gotta get as many salt water species in as possible. Which as of this morning I can add flounder (I think) to the list.
Pulled in one average hen this AM in MA9. Some big jumpers (coho) a couple hundred feet out....couldn't manage even with the hero wind. ;) Wind was brutal on this side with 20+ mph winds from S/SE
Nice work Matt. I ended up not being able to get out this morning. The wind here in the yard has made me not too upset. Hope it's fishable in the AM.
Oh man, can't wait to get out tomorrow. I for one and going to keep at it until I stop hearing about fish/catching my share.

Damn it would be awesome to get into a steelhead in the salt.

Maybe I'll see some of you out there...
Don't get your hopes up for a steelhead. Not that it can't happen, but it sure isn't likely.
Yeah. I wouldn't expect one. But how fun would that be. I've always loved Steve Raymond's essay in one of the "Year" books about discovering the little estuary where he can catch steelhead after such and such kind of weather.

In any case, I'll be more than happy to hook into a few more Coho before things finish up. Smoked my first fish last weekend--with some tips from ten80--and it turned out soooo good. Really want to do some more of that.


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