Anti-Rain Dance Working So Far


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a couple weeks ago i found out i'd have today off, wife out of town, kids in school. fantasies about getting away for the morning to the nf stilly began playing and replaying in my head, and kept playing until early this week when the weather reports crushed my hopes. but last night rolled around and it still hadn't rained. this morning rolled around and it was misting lightly. i headed out at the crack of dawn, had to be back in snoho at 11. i'll point out that i'm not an accomplished src angler. i've caught many on accident, very few on purpose. so i've been savoring recent reports and trying to absorb the knowledge shared by the experts roaming the board here.

i will summarize the first two hours of my 2.5 hours by saying this: i was totally incredulous at having fished two hours in great looking water without getting a single bump. i can't remember the last time i fished for more than 20 minutes anywhere without a strike at least from a smolt or something smaller. but that's what happened. i was dumbfounded, and it was time to head toward the car.

as i did so, upstream i saw a small fish come clear of the water for a caddis. i thought, "if i tie on an ehc i can beat the skunk even if it's just with a 8" smolt". so that's what i did. soon hooked up, and it turned out not to be a smolt, but this:


so, beat the skunk, and the cutty was a nice surprise. so i had a few more minutes and I took a couple more casts. then, I did hook a little guy, but as i got him close enough to see him under the water, i saw a big fish in pursuit. i hoped it was a bull, and switched flies to the big cone-head muddler i had on earlier. tossed it around a bit, toying with different retrieves, until i got a bump after giving it a pretty rapid short strip for a few feet. laid out a long one and tried that strip the whole way, boom:


after that, it was crazy. i never moved from that spot and i had to leave while i was just pounding them so i wouldn't miss my appointment. killed me to walk away. i was 30 minutes late but it just didn't matter. here's the rest, including a nice surprise - my first bull. not a big one, but very satisfactory. a great morning, and if the river doesn't blow tonight i'm taking ben back out in the morning.




and the last fish was the biggest and most perfect of all...



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When you find one SRC you usually find a bunch.

That last fish looks like a good one. I've been hoping to get out one more time before the rain but it looks bleak ...
That's awesome. I love catching hungry trout on streamers. Dry fly action is great and all, and even nymphing can be fun. But I think that too often, those two methods don't allow you to really feel the take. Swinging or stripping a streamer and feeling a fish slam the end of your line is so much fun. It's almost like you could just fish with your eyes closed and rely solely on your sense of feel.

Gorgeous fish there--so jealous.


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