Things I've learned during the 2012 Coho Season


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1) If you are losing too many fish then use a longer stinger and/or a larger hook.

2) Good fatliners can consistently outfish good gear fishermen.

3) Coho can be caught on a regular basis in the middle of the day under clear skies if the current/tide is right.

4) Tube flies and jig-hook Clousers are hard to beat.

5) It is more productive to fish for 1 hour at first light for 5 days in a row than it is to fish for 5 hours on a single day.
1) Straight Maxima leaders (10-15 lb) are awesome (cheap, durable, easy)
2) Fly selection isn't that critical when a coho is hungry
3) Fish can be caught at any time of the day, but first light is where it really happens
4) You don't need to wade deep or cast far at first light
5) Current and surface chop are your friend
6) WFF Saltwater forum has a lot of good people willing to help us novices enjoy this awesome fishery (special shout out to Stonefish, DimeBrite who are both amazing beach fisherman and always willing to help answer questions!!!)

I've learned the most this year by just spending time on the water. It really helps when the likes of Stonefish, DimeBrite, SciGuy, etc are also on the water so you can watch and learn! Fish the type of water they fish, with a similar fly, and the retrieve they're using and you are bound to start catching fish!

Now I just need to find someone who is a waiting period coho and chum master because these F&$%ING fish are tough!!! I'm starting to think that catching them is a myth.
I learned not to go tuna fishing with Anil in the heat of the coho season. A 20+ pound saltwater rocket on a 12 weight flyrod can almost ruin you for salmon fishing. Hard for a journeyman like me to top that in this part of the country. I loved reading the reports of all the success you guys had this year in the salt - congrats to the hardcores who stuck to it. Gotta second Steve's comments about the pinks and add another recommendation for the chum. I mainly C&R, so it's hard to beat the fun of catching 20 to 30 chum up at Hood Canal - it's a great way to keep the flyrod in your hand for another month of great practice.


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20lb, 7 ft maxima leader on clear intermediate line
Non-slip loop to fly for better action
Outgoing tides on eastside beaches
Very fast, short, short, long stripping rhythm
Roll cast, then pickup and shoot line out rather than false cast

What a great fall coho season!


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That purchasing a whole Coho salmon is expensive! It's the only one I got this season lol, and I was desperate for something to put in the smoker.

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I started beach fishing with serious intent in 2003 when the Pink runs were starting. Back then, I was the only guy on the beach where I live. Now, during a typical Pink run, there are 50 or more on weekend days. They used to leave me alone when I fished. Now they follow like a pack of wolves. I know many don't like the Pink runs but those fish are getting bigger and bigger and are a test on a fly rod. If you don't eat them, you can always release them but you have to admit that it's great to have a fishery that produces 5-6 pound fish one year and then a nice coho run the next. IT seems like we ARE in for a real fun ride if it holds.
I agree.... This Puget Sound fishery is now world-class for sea-run cutts, pinks in odd-numbered years and, this year at least, coho!!!!

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