Stolden Rod and Reel

Guess it is my fault, did not lock my canopy.

Stolden TFO Pro 11' 5wt with wood screw in lower handle and wood inserts in forward handle and my father's (who has passed) Hardy Perfect 3 5/8 reel.

Decided to go fishing on a local NW Indiana river, parked in the parking lot, locked my vehicle doors and walked 100yds to the river to see what is going on. Was there for about 15 minutes, talked with a few guys, saw a few rainbows on the beach and some salmon going through the riffles. Figured I would drive up river,walked back to the vehicle and saw my canopy door open. I looked inside and the equipment was gone, left my fanny pack and rain jacket, but took rod and reel.

This has been a hard month on me and family financially and mentally. My Toyota Tundra, wife took to worked parked right outside the bank where she works got hit and person took off, $2500 damage, thank good for my dedictable, military took money out of my pay for a said travel claim I did for my move out here in 2009 (yes three years ago) never got submitted, thank god I keep everything and scanned it to them, but they are still taking money out of paycheck. I could go on, but if someone is testing my strength, they are pushing me to my limits.

Rod I do not give a ......!, but the reel, not only value but sentimental value that can not be replaced. It is my fault for leaving is unlocked.

So please keep a look out on any classifieds for something simular to this.

Thank you everyone who has PM'd me. People who steal like this should be caught and handled correctly. Had a person contact me who has same rod but no lower handle and getting it for great price, still does not replace the reel. I have others but none like that one. But just want to say again, thank you all for your concern and assistance if I needed to borrow equipment. This is what I love about you all and the assistance you give to others in need.

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