NFR Is it raining ANYWHERE??

Jeff Dodd

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whidbey had a decent rain this morning, but it dried when the wind kicked up. saw 2 trees down today and i mowed grass for 3 hours....

hope the rain comes and the wind goes away.
I'd like to hear that it is raining over on the East side, god knows you guys need it.
I wasn't very far east, but it was coming down hard just west of Cle Elum. I was there from 2:00 to 5:00 and it only stopped for a total of about 15 minutes. A couple of feisty rainbows helped keep me on the river.


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Here in the extreme NE corner of the state it rained for a couple of hours Friday night and was nice during the day on Saturday. Just like Camelot. It started raining again during Saturday night-a soft, gentle soaking rain that we have been desperate for. The smell of the damp forest this morning is just intoxicating after months of dryness.

I predict that the freshening of the local lakes with a new supply of oxygen will invigorate the fish and improve the bite. I'll test this theory in the coming week.

Vladimir Steblina

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We did end up with a few sprinkles last night, but I doubt it was even measurable.

This morning you can still see the fires smoking up. Hopefully, this next front will result in a little more than sprinkles. At least the humidity recovery, will slow down any new fire starts down low. I was getting kinda worried about the rest of the state being totally wet and the east slope being totally dry.

It is starting to look good for watching the playoffs while also watching it rain.

Hopefully, this will be the season ending event for fire season.

Bob Triggs

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After a long drought out here on the Olympic Peninsula rivers the water is drawn down very low, and the adjacent gravels and soils and plant life are drying out too. And since this weather has moved in slowly, distributing rain gradually in starts and stops, the rivers have responded slowly so far. As the soils and gravels fill with water and the rivers rise with each rainfall event, there will come a moment when any more additional rain will really cause floods. If it rains hard today, tonight and tomorrow- as forecast- the rivers here will jump up quickly and stay up. But so far it has been great to think of slowly rising flows pulling in returning fish, attracting fish upriver from their long stranded summer holes, spreading fish through the systems. The Steelhead, Cutthroat and Salmon will appreciate this too.

In his morning update today Dr Mass points out an unusually dense, broad band of moisture headed our way on the radar today:
It rained off and on all Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night...Yesterday was overcast but dry, but shortly after I got home it started raining again and was still at it this morning. It's stopped at the moment, but more is scheduled to arrive. The rivers are jumping up, and I'm personally pretty damn happy :)

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
Had a nice day fishing Monday, but not catching at the basin. Water temperature was 59 degrees.

It was sunny, early in the morning, clouded up in the afternoon and really started raining about 4:00pm.

We got much less rain in Wenatchee, than in the basin. But I think it was enough to end fire season. We were still in high fire danger on deer opener. One evacuation per summer is enough.

Old Man

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Well we got some rain this morning. It was coming down pretty hard there for a moment. Now it's stopped again. But the wind is blowing pretty hard . The trees are shedding what's left of their leaves nice and fast. It looks like the sun is coming out. So much for the rain.

I'd go fishing but I'm afraid I'll melt in this shit.