Had a poor day


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I have been getting a little spoiled at the lake getting used to catching lots of fish and lots of big fish, and today nothing..... one small one came off at the net, you cant always win but boy do I hate being skunked:( any one else have any stories of success one day and failure the next


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On my eastern trip two of us landed some 35 the first day - around 25 the second day - then only 5 the third day! the mayfly hatch was ending in the middle of the lake the first day we were there but the fish were still in the middle of the flats and lake creek channel so we did well the first two days. but the third day even the bait chuckers were not doing well. it wasent until the evening when I notice the only flies hatching were in 1 or 2 feet of water just before dark and that's were the fish were the next day, from 6 to 1 foot of water next to the banks so we did a little better the last day "4th day". with around 10 to hand but I didn't get to fish the evening because weather came storming in and I got the heck out of there.

Sometimes things just change and if we don't change with it we fail. 5 fish from daylight to dark with a motored drifter and 3 miles of lake is like a skunk to me. BUT I LEARNED YET ANOTHER LESSON THAT I WONT FORGET!
The question in that situation is "what changed"?

Over here on the east side of the cascades we just had our first weather system of the fall push through. Weather fronts are major disturbances for stillwater trout feeding behavior. . . not always for the worse, but certainly they "reset" the game in terms of what flies and presentation may have been working and where the fish are hanging out. In Mark's response above he pointed out the change in a major hatch that moved the fish up into the shallows when they had been out over the flats in the middle of the lake. The change can be sudden and dramatic, or gradual and subtle.