Lakes near Tri-Cities

Had a go at some lakes near try cities. Weather wasn't perfect but it could have been worse. Didn't take any temps on the lake. Saw lots of fish rising around the lake but only had one bite. Fish was a decent size but the hook wasn't set right. Only used dry flies and floating line but didn't get much luck. Should I try using some sinking lines or something other then a floating line? Also, should I use other flies besides dry ones?


Rick Todd

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Most of the time rising fish are actually taking emergers rather than the adult insect. While I have had some great dry fly fishing with traveling sedges (caddis) and callebaetis hatches, you will find more success with a subsurface presentation, whether chironomids under an indicator, or a leech or minnow pattern on a sinking line. Get a good book on lake fishing like Phil Rowley's, or our own Ford Fenders has a lake fishing book that you can pre order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble called Stillwater Strategies by Tim Lockhart. This book should be awesome and worth the wait (releasing January 1 I believe). Would make some great wintertime reading. Rick
The answer to your two questions are Yes and Yes. Rick's advice is spot on. It is possible to fish sub-surface with a floating line also. I'll use weighted flies stripped slowly on a floating line in place of an intermediate sometimes. Small streamers fished this way will often induce strikes on surface feeding fish as they are seen as "food" eating their food.


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Jose, are you willing to reveal what lakes you found near the Tri-Cities? I have to go over there regularly so my bride can visit her family and I always have my gear in the truck. However, I've never really found any lake water around Kennewick / Richland. What have I overlooked?
Weather has been pretty choppy for the past 2 weeks. Looked at the weather forecast and saw that it was going to be raining on Friday. At first, didn't really want to go. but knew that I had to! When I got to the lake, it was actually nice and calm weather for the first two hours. After that, the wind started to pick up and the rain started. Lost at least 6 fish in total because they just didn't want to get caught. I caught and took these two. Wind, rain and even falling in the lake didn't discourage me.