NFR Camera issues?

I have a nikon coolpics digital 3.2 magepixels. I think it might have gotten wet, but not sure. Anyway, it will not turn on, I trie batteries, new memory card but nothing. Does anybody know about the warrenty or anything?
Warranty covers normal wear or manufacturing defects, suggest you contact dealer where purchased if possible. If repairs are needed and were caused by negligence, etc. they can be pretty spendy. Nikon USA has a good web-site if you don't have a dealer to assist you. I would think you should know if it got wet, dunked, rain or whatever. If this is the case you're probably out of luck. Anyway, check your dealer if possible, otherwise go direct to Nikon for assistance. If negligence on your part you might be better off shopping for another camera, however I've usually had great luck by going direct to the mfg. if still under warranty. Good Luck!!

I have one of those camera, Man I've done some things, you shoulded do with any camera. It's been in some good rain stroms and keeps on going just like a TIMEX watch. I would bring it back to where you bought it.



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If you did give it a bath you can dry it out and it should work, assuming it was a freshwater bath and not salt. Set the camera in your oven at about 100 and allow it to get good and warm. You'll have to watch the temp to make sure that it doesn't get too hot. You could also set the camera on top of a vent if you have central heat and let it dry that way. If it just took a dunking then it should dry out and work. Pull the battery and flash card out of it before you dry it. Wipe down the contacts of these with a bit of alcohol or a gently used pencil eraser and leave them out of the camera until it is completely dry.



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I dunked the very same camera once on our McCloud river trip and it never worked again-

However ,our son has an Sony Cyber-shot-an older 2 Mega one and he dunked it twice that same trip and said he had dunked it 5 or 6 times prior and it keeps working- I now have a SONY

Also,Sony now has a waterproof compact digital Cybershot out (249.00)- only two mega's but you know for sure by fall that will be up to 3.4 or 5 mega's

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I dunked my then-new Canon S-30 a few years ago in an Alaskan creek. It was only underwater for a few seconds (and some very loud swearing) but it was dead on arrival.

I tried drying it out, new batteries, etc, but nothing worked. I called Canon and they said they almost never survive immersion in any kind of water and that it would probably cost me more to have it repaired than to buy a new one. They wanted $150 just to take it apart and diagnose what needed to be replaced.

I bought another a month later for $100 less. I was able to use the batteries and card from the dunked one, and was able to retrieve all the photos I'd shot before its bath.

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I've been lucky so far with this HP POS from 4 years ago. It's so old the macro and tele lenses have to be screwed in by hand. Dunked it several times. Been kind of hoping it would die. The trick seems to be removing the battery and memory card as soon as it gets wet and don't turn it on for several days. I usually throw it up on the defroster on the trip home and then leave it out in a dry spot. Turning on a digital when it's wet is certain death. Keep saying I'll put it in a zip lock every time I go out, but never do. Digitals have come a long way in 4 years, but man, that is worth a couple spey lines I'm sure I'll just have to have sooner or later. I figure if I keep waiting, the cheaper the digitals get and with more options.

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One of the things I've found (dunking several cameras and lost two cell phones) is that if you do get it wet, don't try turning it to see if it works, take the batteries out right away, and start drying it out if you can. As long as you don't try and run power through it your electronic device can recover ...

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