Your favorite fly tying hooks on-line store?

Kent Lufkin

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Are the "Fish guy's " hooks prety comperable? How many times do I hafta bounce these hooks off the rocks behind me before I can use them in "barbless only" waters?
I haven't bought hooks from Allen so can't comment on how comparable TFG's are. (I'm pretty sure that without knowing where each company sources their hooks or without the ability to perform a metallurgical analysis, you'll never be able to definitively compare them anyway.) I can say that I've been buying hooks from TFG for a half dozen years or so and have not been disappointed. I don't break hook points off very often, but your mileage may vary.



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I think if you have something that works, stick with it. I use Tiemco, Mustad, etc. I just look for quality and a deal. Allen's had free samples offered here a while back. I like the hooks and like the price so I bought more. When I need new hooks, I now buy Allen's. Fast service and I can't tell the difference in them and the old Tiemco. I have had several Hooks with no hook or no eye from the newer Tiemco.

David Dalan

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I've used Tiemco, Alec Jackson Spey, with some Mustad, Owner and Gamakasu (sp?) sprinkled in. works for all of them including 100 packs of the Tiemco hooks.I buy the mustad, Gams and Owners at the local BiMart.

I'm not sure there is anything that cannot be bought on Amazon anymore.

I confess that I horded so many hooks in the old days that until this fall, the last time I bought hooks online it was from Kaufmanns.
Just got some Wholesale Sports SS hooks that looked similar to the 34007 but a heavier wire. Decent price (.17 ea) but they only had 2 packs of 15. They seem sharp and they're chemically sharpened.

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