Steelhead by tri cities

Anyone hitting up salmon and steelhead on the yakima around tri cities this weekend? The area south of Prosser dam to the mouth closes Monday. I spent about an hour this evening tossing shrimp with no luck. I have heard really good things coming out of the Prosser area...can anyone confirm?


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Knew the Yakima is open for salmon but have not heard any reports on that for years, though I'm sure there are fish being caught. The area around Horn Rapids dam used to be good for the folks tossing gear.

Pretty sure there is no steelhead fishing on the Yakima proper.
i have heard a few people are getting regular salmon just outside of prosser but this is always from a friend who heard it from a friend who knew a guy who...


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I have fished the lower Yak, below Horn Rapids the last two years swinging egg sucking leaches, popcycles, and similar flys without touching an anadromous fish. I did pick up coho two years ago---on a purple egg sucking leach--avery acrobatic fish and I would love to have a repeat. It had been so slow for me, I spent two mornings throwing spinners in the same areas without any better luck. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fly fish this area, I'd love to hear what else to try.

I did see one fish hooked and lost by someone using a bobber and eggs.

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