Grouse and pheasant adventures


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The Mrs. and I headed up to Oroville to get away for our anniversary last Thursday. The plan was to lay low, do a little hunting, some work around the house, and dinner for two on Friday night at Hometown Pizza.

First order of business was to check on my trail camera that was "soaking" for three weeks. Well, some low life scumbag decided he needed it more than me. Bastards...! So I consoled myself by heading into an area I know to hold grouse. Sure enough, I was presented with 3 ruffed grouse on their daily wanderings. One took off for the right hand hillside, one straight away down the road, and the last one in between them. That's the one I dropped. Never mind thinking fast enough to pick up two of them...

Saturday morning Sasha and I headed to the valley to look for pheasant. I got my vest on and geared up while Sasha burned off some energy running around like a wild girl. Once we got to the field we took our usual right hand turn towards cover that usually holds birds. Sure enough two hens burst from the brush and headed over the railroad tracks. Sasha was in hot pursuit through the barbed wire after them. It wouldn't be until much later in the day that I would discover she ripped a quarter sized hole in her skin dead center on her chest. She's a trooper and kept hunting for another 2 hours with that hole exposed to grass well over her head. After a lot of beating the brush she finally bumped up two roosters near the river from tall grass and brush. Both birds were at the edge of my range, but I tried with two shots for the trailing bird. I/C and Mod chokes couldn't deliver the payload needed at that range. Next time I'll choke the gun Mod and Full to reach out a bit more.

Sunday morning arrived too soon and cold to boot, 24 degrees at 6:00 AM as we headed home. We had to be home for a grandson's 4th birthday party. It's always a shock to go from forest to Everett in just a few hours. Though I love our house in Everett, I long for the quiet and wilds of the property. We had a large male coyote cross the yard early one morning as we ate breakfast. He had his winter coat on already and looked as if he had been eating very well. Soon I will retire and time spent there will be more frequent and longer visits.

Here's a few photos:

Grouse tail fan

Woodland camouflage

Blue grouse territory

Forest troll

Grouse breast with bell pepper, onion, and chipotle pepper

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Thanks for the report Roper! Patty and I were in Winthrop Wednesday-Sunday. Scott visited and camped out for the weekend. I also had my son-in-law and 2 of his friends stop by Thursday night on their way to Ione to hunt deer and turkey. I went out with them Friday morning to a spot no far from the cabin reputed to have chuckar. Indeed we did find a covey of about 25. I missed a long shot at the covey flush. Up the hill they went, with Jetta and the rest of us in hot pursuit. We got to the top in time to see them fly across the hill. Following again, they then flushed toward the bottom of the hill (which by now was WAY down there!) We again followed but didn't get them up. The boys (at least to me they're boys-in their late 30's to my 63!) decided another circuit up the hill was in order and not wanting to make any concessions to age, I went with them. Near the top (seeming like a longer ways than the first time) we flushed a covey of huns (who are not supposed to be up that high!) and one of the guys got one. All in all a great way to get some exercise, get Jetta into some birds and enjoy the beautiful fall colors. I also got to fish with Scott a little bit and caught a couple fish including a really nice 19" fatty! Rick

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Great report and pics, Roper! It's sunny today, so after taking care of some business in Wena-hoochie, I'm heading up into the hills for some grouse as well. Fiona, our older girl, has developed a serious limp in her left leg, so she's "on restriction" until the limp's gone.

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