Upgrading my fly reel


Unsafe at any speed
I've been away from fly fishing for a while, but am wanting to get back into it. Been shopping around to update my fishing stuff. Fly fishing is pretty expensive for what you get. If you spend good money on a quality fly reel, it should have quality parts.

I'm not really a zealot in this way of thinking, I'm just using it as an excuse to play with my mini-lathe using some of God's metal (Titanium).

The pictures are self-explanatory showing how I machined a bronze bushing and pressed it into a machined titanium handle. I know it won't help my fundamental problem of not catching fish. In fact, if I were smarter, I would have spent the time used on this project to go out and actually get the line wet. Ah, well, at least this upgrade to my reel might motivate me to get out and try it:

raw materials.jpg
bronze machining.jpg
Ti machining.jpg
machined pieces.jpg
pressing bushing.jpg
handle comparo.jpg
reel finished.jpg

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