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Hmmmm interesting. I was out there today and I think there was more water falling from the sky than there was in the lake. I doubt I did anything to "expose" myself to the killer algae, but it would be nice if the Skagit County Health Dept would post something for users of the lake to see so we are aware of the situation. Maybe there was something posted and I didn't see it, as I was more focused on getting in the water and fishing.
As for the fishing, I spent a few hours out there. I got absolutely soaking wet. I landed 3 fish - 8" RB, 11" BR & 16" RB, all on a cast/stripped streamer. I had many follows and missed strikes. There were a few other guys on the lake, braving the weather; not sure how they were doing. All in all, any day is a good day to go fishing, but today was not ideal by any means.


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wonder how long it will take to clear the stuff ?
is this an infrequent event ?


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Crane prairie res. gets the blue-green algae quite often. ODFW had posted a blue-green algae warning for the lake that I was going to this fall on there "fishing reports" page - malheur res. had the algae and even temps dropped in the mid teens the week before I left with 80 pound lab in my passenger seat. I had called bio's in eastern Oregon to see if it was gone thinking it would die from low temps and water getting cooler. I had watched the temps in the lake and they had dropped below 60 before I left so I was thinking it would be ok just keep o'l hank "my lab" away from the water and keep him in the boat.

It kills kids and small animals "dogs" I talked to some 3 bio's over east and one told me my dog would have to drink about a gallon to kill him and just keep him away from the water. well the first day he stretched his LEASH enough to be able to get his mouth to the water and got a couple licks! you could see the "BLUE-GREEN" stuff floating around, it was very noticeable by it's color. my dog ate grass and puked most the night. the next day he would not eat his food so I gave him pieces of hot dogs and put power aid in his water (didn't have any gator aid) this helped him get over being sick but man did I have a head ache the next morning from all the worry! after that he only got two feet of room on his leash where it was tied to the drifter seat.

I also saw some bankies with a dog letting it swim and drink the water and motored right over to warn them and get the dog away from the water. I felt sorry for that dog knowing just a little made my lab real sick. I hope the other dog made it through. it's nothing to mess with and you can still keep fish but have to skin them and make sure all fat is out of the meat.

This was the first time I actually saw it and it was BLUE-GREEN for real, easy to tell now that I have seen it. it was not very noticeable in the morning cooler temps but when it warmed up it grew all over the water very fast everyday. when we were there it dropped to the mid 20's every night. I thought it was a hot "middle of summer thing"
but I was wrong. never will get my dog close to it again - he had a bad trip and never got to go swimming or venture away from camp, I think he's still pissed at me after being home for two weeks!

More info on how it works (or kills) would be a good read. I knew my dog would have to hold down food so fed him just little pieces of food a little at a time otherwise he would puke it up. the power aid also gave him many hydrants - amino acids other foods or water just could not. like salmon poisoning they quit eating and dehydrate. my labs had that twice and the vet both times had to put him on I-V and keep him over night making sure he got nutrients in him.


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Thanks for the link! It seems ODFW didn't think much of it and kept the lake open and Washington closes lakes for recreation well maybe not - Pass?

And yep, I'm a tippet bitter --- yikes


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Giardia sucks don't want that again. I nearly lost my dog to algae last year. I received the warning too late, the night after taking him fishing. If I hadn't known better I would have thought parvo. I bite my tippets, but have never had an issue. Even in some of the nasty sloughs I stalk carp in.

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Anyone been there lately? Is the algae dying down off the surface? I was there about a month ago and the water was cloudy green.

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