BC Non Resident License Fees

Having a fantasy about getting a cheap place in BC to spend some time in Summer/Fall chasing fish. Other than high cost of about everything, can anyone advise on license fees? I presume I'd need an NR Alien fishing license for trout and then daily fees for Steelhead on Classified Waters like the Bulkley, Morice? Seems like that might add up over a season..........


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I just got back from doing a week in the interior and a week on Vancouver island. My numbers might be , but it was cheaper for me to buy an annual NR-alien license than two eight day NR non-tidal permits $80.00 vs 2 X $50.00). The fresh water license is from BC, but if you want to try the salt then you need to buy a Canadian NR license, but they sale them by the day, which I think was $7.00 plus $6.00 for salmon stamp.

It is a fantasy and the fishing was well worth the price. I can guarantee you that the licenses will be the cheapest part of the trip. Everything was spendy up there, gas food, beer and lodging. I flew to Seattle and drove around in a US rental car. The ferry to the island was about $100.00 each way. Having said that, I would do it again in a minute given the sites and the fishing. All in all, I spent about $2,000 including airfare and rental car. The fishing was fantastic and the people awesome. I cannot speak to any of the special permit areas you mentioned.

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That actually seems pretty modest for a two week trip...maybe Canada should get back on my "annual places to fish" list. Especially since I can drive myself.
Looks like it's $40/day for the Classified waters permit, plus the license, conservation stamp etc. No big deal on the one-time fee but the weekend fishing ban & daily fee, that adds up over a couple months....................
Mebbe just stay closer to home


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An annual non-resident alien license is $80, $50 for an 8-day.

Then add $60 for a steelhead conservation license, regardless of term of basic license.

Then add $20/day for classified waters like the Morice, Bulkley, Skeena, Kispiox, Copper, Thompson, and $40/day for the Dean, Babine, and Sustut. There are some non-classified steelhead rivers, but all the well known ones are classified.

It could get expensive over the season if you have time to fish a lot. And you cannot fish on weekends on most classified waters.


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Like anywhere else, the fishing can be good or bad depending on run size and conditions. However I find the manners and lack of nymphers worth the price to fish even with the daily ticket costs. These 2 things make the camping that much better.

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camping makes it a lot cheaper, and smuggle as much booze and beer as you can cause you'll shit at the cost of a fifth of whiskey


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To put it in perspective it costs $86 to fish fresh water of Washington for a year (subsidizing a hatchery program) if you are a non res. Also it cost $38 for three days of non res fishing for steelhead on the clearwater (for mostly hatchery fish) $13/day for hatchery fish in Idaho or $20 for native fish in BC.

I think the choice is clear.