SBS Sanchez Biot Bug


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Neat little bead head from Scott Sanchez that's worked pretty well wherever Yellow Sallies crawl, molt, drift, exist. Another quick and easy tie; doesn't hurt too bad to lose one if you fish it among the rocks.

hook - Dai Riki 060 #12-16 (tied this on the #12 for clarity's sake)
thread - Uni 8/0 camel
sides/tail - goose biot brown
body - spanflex/flexi-floss yellow
rib - copper wire (fine)
collar - hares ear dubbing
hackle - Indian hen back
head - 7/64 brass bead

Mash barb and slide bead on hook

start thread; tie down spanflex & wire

wrap back to hook bend and take thread back to the front

wrap spanflex to front, back and front to build up body, then trim

tie in biot at head on far side (let the tip extend a bit longer than the hook gap)

and near (trim butts)

hold the biots against the side of the body and start wrapping the rib forward

to the head

add a little dubbing

add a little dubbing

wrap the collar

prep a hackle and tie in (for sparser look, strip fibers off one side of hackle)

wrap the hackle

tie off, add a dash of Sally and you're done; top view

bottom view