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My take on Page Rogers bay anchovy pattern. I've had real good luck with this on schoolie stripers; haven't had the chance to try it on false albacore since they started getting selective during the Snot Fly hatch. I've used calftail, bucktail, arctic fox (my favorite of the naturals) with good results, but if there are any blues around, you'll want synthetic; Craft Fur on this version. Also, I used 5 min epoxy on early versions, but had a number of them discolor after exposure to sunlight, so I switched to UV Knotsense; I'm sure Clear Cure Goo would work great, too. Although the original is tied with stick-on eyes, I like the bead better; doesn't add too much weight but seems to make the fly track better in the water - YMMV

hook - Mustad 34007 6-8
thread - Danville mono, fine
tail - Craft Fur white
body - Mylar Braid, fine pearl
topping - Krystal Flash rootbeer
eye - 1/8 brass bead silver

Mash barb and slide bead on hook

attach thread behind bead and tie in Craft Fur wing (keep it sparse)

slip body braid over hook eye in front of bead

wrap tying thread in front of braid (don't worry about crossing over the bead, it's going to be covered with the UV Knotsense)

3 strands Krystal Flash

tie KF in at eye

wrap thread back and tie down body braid on top

and on the bottom

trim body braid top and bottom

fold Krystal Flash back and tie down

trim Krystal Flash and whip finish

apply UV Knotsense (or your favorite substitute)

coat head and cure (either a uv light or good old sunlight will do)

all done


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real nice... i bet tied up in pink that fly would work well next summer. in fact, i'm definitely gonna tie some up for next summer's pink salmon.


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