A Mans First Steelhead on Video

I mentioned this video in another post but my pal just posted it - our buddy hooked up on his first Steelhead on the fly FINALLY after a very slow trip. He was in the whiskey a little bit due to the lack of fish, so towards the end of the video you see the fish will swim directly at him, he walks backward and trips over a rock into the water (just see the boot sticking up in video). The fish then jumps and pops off...painful! Good memories, glad my future brother in law could film this one. Needless to say he is now hooked.

Great video! There is a lot of good things in that clip I can feel the sickness coming over your buddy too bad it came unpinned. It's ok I almost ended up head first/full gurgle in the net with a steelie recently. Rocks are lame!

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