Time to get Kraken


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The new reel put out by Allen's Fly Fishing. Justin and Evan out did themselves. The reel is smooth as silk. Great drag, and the V shape is genius. I only wish it came in a 3/4

Thanks guys. This reel is perfect for my Carp addiction, and Steelhead in the future!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Gorgeous looking reel! However, I am averting my eyes, so I don't fall for one. I have already ordered a couple of new reels for myself recently.

I just decided to go mainly click-pawl on my 3/4 wt reels for stream fishing, and have been recklessly treating myself to retirement gifts of brand new machined aluminum 3/4 wt click pawl reels (otherwise know as "blatantly squandering good coin").
I don't have the time or historic knowledge of fly reels necessary to search for used relics on ebay, and since time saved is better than money saved, if it allows one more fishing or tying time, why then, the money spent is just "water under the bridge," eh?

I ordered a Redington Drift in 3/4 last week, and an LL Bean Pocket Water with an extra spool today. The LL Bean reel only comes in one size, a 3/4/5 wt.
With proper care and maintenance, these well-crafted little reels should serve me well for the remainder of my trout fishing days.

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