Methow Report 2


Indi "Ira" Jones
Those brats are good eating even after traveling umpteen miles up a river. With that though one fish is about as much as my family and I can handle. When the limit was 4 I was giving away a lot of fish and even with a two fish limit, a good weekend also sees me giving a bunch away. One always stays with me though.



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The Methow River will close one hour after sunset on Friday, December 1st. Also there will be no whitefish fishery after Dec 1st
If you have a Facebook account WDFW has a Facebook profile and they are pretty good about updating the profile on rules changes.... Holy Moley Facebook actually has a functional use :eek:
This is good. I also "liked" the WDFW Police/Enforcement page, which is always putting up great stories of dirties getting busted and pictures of overharvest and poaching related stuff

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