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I have a gluten intolerance problem and have been gluten free the last year. I'm in Olympia, and we have a dedicated gluten-free grocery store called GF Joes. They also have one in Tacoma.

Here's some of my recommendations for GF things:

Great Harvest makes some great GF breads
Canyon Bakehouse makes a great hamburger bun
Schar makes a good pasta substitute
The quinoa pasta substitute is also a good one and is easy to find in most stores
Udis makes an acceptable pizza crust if you're making it at home. Also, they're rolls are pasasble. Otherwise, in Olympia, La Gitana makes a kick ass GF pie
The Omission beers are good. Greene's makes a good dark GF beer but they're way expensive is a good site for ordering GF stuff. Also be aware that lots of things you would expect would be GF aren't. Oatmeal is usually cross contaminated so make sure you buy certified GF oatmeal. And most soy sauces and terriyaki sauces contain gluten, so most asian restaurants are out.

If you ever find yourself in an area that has an In-n-Out burger, you can order them protein style and they'll come without the bun. Everything in IN-n-Out other than the bun is GF.

Good luck. If you have any other questions as far as GF goes let me know. I've become a semi-expert on it.


I love GF Joes, having been there many times as a kid and recently. in Mountlake Terrace there is a GF store called Mana Mills that is pretty good.

Where do you get the hamburger buns and are the fresh or frozen?

I don't like the quinoa pasta, but I really like the Trader Joe's corn pasta, especially at $1.39 for 1 lb bags.

I don't care for Udi's stuff, I find them all to be really dry. I just bake breads using Maninis mixes instead. I haven't found a store bought bread that I liked yet, even at the local bakeries. I'll give Great Harvest a try and see how they are.

I'm obsessed with Maninis, their multiuso flour is perfect. i substitute it 1 for 1 into many standard wheat flour recipes and thing come out perfectly. I used it to make a roux for thickening chowder and made perfect pie crust with it. PCC and Whole Foods in Seattle carry their fresh pastas and they are amazing.
I agree! It is great as a substitute! Cut in half, put face down on a cookie sheet with a bit of water on the sheet, steam it in the oven, remove and strip out the spaghetti squash! Easy.
I just poke holes in it and bake at 400 for an hour. I seem to get better results that way.

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