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Found this fly while poking around the flyboxes at Kingfisher's in Missoula (nice shop, love their rolling material racks). S'posed to be a good bet on Rock Creek; turns out it was.

hook - Mustad 9671 #12
thread - Uni 8/0 camel
Tail - goose biots brown
body - Super Floss red
rib - peacock herl
hackle - Indian hen back
head - 1/8 brass bead

Mash down barb and slide bead on shank

start thread, wind to bend and create thread ball

tie in biot tails (extend a little less than shank length) tight against thread ball to divide

trim tails and create thread underbody

tie in Super Floss (original pattern called for regular floss but it tends to darken up too much for my liking when coated in cement; Uni-Stretch is better and easy to work with but I wanted to see how the spandex stuff would work)

tie in peacock herl

wrap Super Floss, try to create tapered body

coat with Sally

spiral peacock up body while cement is still wet (to tell the truth, counter wrapping with x-small copper wire would probably create a more durable fly; next time)

prep a hen back feather

couple wraps of hackle (keeping it sparse), tie off, a bit more Sally and you're done

top view (kinda)

If it's going to be fished (and lost) amongst the rocks, I like to keep them simple



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very nice. this fly works very good in swift "stonefly" type water, as it was created for. i had the honor of meeting/fishing with an older gentleman on my favorite local river this year. after swapping a bunch of flies with eachother he handed me a bunch of bloody mary's. "this is one of my favorites." he said. turned out to be non other than Darryl Smoot, the creator of this pattern. awesome guy, awesome fly.
Keep up the good work on the SBSs Scott. Even if I don't tie a particular pattern I learn a lot of little tricks from your posts. The little thread ball to flare the biots for instance.
I've been trying to tie this for the winter lake fly swap for about a week. I just couldn't get the spandex floss to stay a bright red. It was ending up way darker than Scot's fly, almost a dried blood color, not attractive at all. Today I bought some Uni-Floss in Chinese Red, and it looks great.

One question - are you using the whole hen back feather, or only one side?


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I used the whole feather but only took a couple turns; you could strip one side and get the same effect with a few more wraps.
Haven't tried Uni-Floss on these; glad it turned out well. I was going to tie it with Uni-Stretch but couldn't find my spool of red so I went with the spandex. I've heard you can brighten it up by tying white underneath (or silver tinsel) but that's adding more steps and I was trying to keep it simple.
If you can, post a pick of your fly; love to see it.

I just looked at the spool and it's uni-stretch.

I tried the tinsel underbody and it was still darker than in your SBS.

Thanks for the advice on the hackle.

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