NFR bamboo binder and other items

Hi everyone,
It's been several years since my last post, so I hope this post is appropriate for this section.
I am remodeling and cleaning up my shop and have found some items to sell.
From a new Bertram 2 string binder (Binder can be converted to a four string) to several new diamondglass factory rods and blanks.
Also other items that are fly fishing related.
I am still building bamboo fly rods, so don't let the Diamondglass rods fool you!
They are all new, but I don't fish anything other then bamboo.
Just want to find them a new home!
Contact me at
Take care,
A. Bruce Herndon

Mike Monsos

AKA flyman219
  • Hi Bruce, good to see you drop in again. The shop you have looked like heaven to me a few years ago :) , what are you doing to improve it:p Thanks again for letting me drop in for a visit and all the insight you offered to me when I was just getting interested in the journey.
Hi Mike,
Good to hear from you.
We put a new heat source in and also repainted, more lighting, new work benches and opened up the front of the shop, so we can select cane indoors.
Glad to hear that you are building bamboo rods and fishing them!
Keep in touch.
Take care,