Bow Chukar Adventure


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I'm fueling up the ford and heading to E-burg Saturday with the idea of chasing chukar around Umtanum and then after icing my legs in the Yak.

Few questions...if I park low and cross the river at the ped bridge how far up should I go, all the way to the ridge? Or stay just above the rim at the base of the canyon? Flies...never fished the Yak outside of june what should I bring?
Uhm! The only times I encountered chukar at Umtanum was after the local Ellensburg gun club had planted birds there. I've heard wild birds along the opposite canyon wall while fishing but never tried to run them down. Good luck! Let us know if you have some success.

As for fishing, this late bring along some size 18 to 22 baetis and big streamers. Check out Red's website for current information.


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Left B-ham at 3:00 and was walking across the suspension bridge at 6:45ish. I headed up the Umtamum Ridge Trail and by 8:30 I was probably 500 yards from the top, where I stopped and started side hilling. Figured the birds weren't going to be any higher since the top had snow (truth be told I wasn't in the mood to even try clinging to that mountain side) least if I was a bird I would rather hang out where there isn't any snow if I had a choice! I'm thoroughly convinced that birds have an innate ability to wait to flush either when you’re slipping or decide to give your arm a break and hold your gun in one hand. My first flush occurred while slipping; a single blew out and glided down and over a knob. The second flush happened after I had thought I covered some rocks thoroughly and lowered my gun. Like the first, a single blew out and glided 1000 yards downhill. After a 'profanity break' Libby and I headed down to anther finger ridge and just as I crested a covey of 10 rocketed off the backside leaving me with no shot and no idea of where the hell they went. We foolishly gave chase downhill thinking maybe they landed short and were reminded why you don't do that. So we climbed back up hill and came out over a nice bench of sage. Libby and I did a few passes and on the third we flushed 5 quail, I dropped one with the first shot, but didn't have another. Located his buddies shortly after, one jumping and swinging to the left the other to the right, their devised confusion worked and I missed with both barrels. Had a 'fun' hike out when I realized 100' plus cliffs kept me from getting to my car so I backtracked and came down a draw and walked the tracks back. By the time I got to the truck I could barely muster taking my boots off so the fishing gear stayed stowed. Although the water looked quite awesome from above on the bridge! Got back home and looked at my GPS and it recorded an 8-mile hike!



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Andrew, great report, isn't amazing how much ground we can cover looking for birds and never realize it until we're back at the truck? Libby looks like a great companion for the hunt.

See you sometime Saturday...? I can call after we finish the hunt, you could even come join us for lunch in Mt. Vernon.


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I think you'd find more success if you drove a little farther and hunted near the ampitheatre along the Columbia. Plenty of public land and lots of birds. Just not as close to the Yak as Ellensburg, obviously.

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Andrew-next time you make it over to the Methow, I've located a couple large coveys of chuckar and a nice bunch of huns 15 minutes from Twisp. Let me know if you will be there and I will PM you the location! Glad you didn't get skunked for all that walking! Rick
Excellent report! Been there/done that. For some reason chukars always break when you least expect them. Wish I could provide some sage advise, but as 2506 suggests, better hunting further up north. The trouble as I have experienced it is that while there's no question you are in chukar territory, it's suprisingly hard to find access north of Wenatchee.

Thanks for your report. Keep up the good work.


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Roper - yes lets figure out where and when...If you havn't eaten there already I'd suggest the "Train Wreck bar and grill" in Burlington. Good food and beer!

Rick - I'll see what I can do...breaking away is going to be tough since I have the outlaws in town for 3-weeks starting this wednesday. Thanks though for the offer!

Bushwacker - I thought about heading to Vantage, but was leary since I knew very little or less than Umtanum, and thought about just north of Wenatchee too, but wanted to try something different. I figure one of these days I'll manage to meet up with one the "village idiots" and I'll bag my first wild chukar.

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Good report and pics, Andrew; nice job on the quail, too! Hadn't thought about taking a hike up there, so now that the foot's relatively fixed, I should do that. Vantage should also be something to check out!

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Andrew-it would be great if you can get away for Saturday lunch with us duck hunters (Roper, Scott Salzer, Islander and I)! Would be great to finally meet you!

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