Tempress Seat on a Scadden Framless?


John or "LC"
I'm good in the Renegade for about 4 hours, and after that regardless of the inflation level my tailbone starts whining. Last trip we were out for 7 hours and it got a little tedious, shifting around to get comfortable. I had some Tempress seats on my Metalhead sled and could fish in those all day. I'm wondering if anyone has done a mod to the Renegade/Rampage using a hard seat like this? http://tempress.com/#!/~/product/category=442149&id=1527432


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I have looked at those Tempress seats but have never used one. They look like a nice, high quality, comfortable seat. I have spent lots of extended time in the NRS low back seat but I think the bolt pattern is different than what you'd use on the Renegade. The best thing about the NRS seat is they went from a metal back to a plastic back awhile back, making it lighter, stronger, and scratch resistant.


Ed Call

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If you modify it by putting it onto a base that you can strap down , why not? Just be wary of abrasive edges and corners. Get creative and make yourself comfy.

Jerry Daschofsky

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I use them in my driftboat. I don't have the covers anymore (were old and destroyed) and never replaced them. But I love mine to death, even without the padded covers. They really conform to you.