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You hate short people? So do I....was backing up my pickup at Home Depot and damned near hit a little person right behind the tailgate...absolutely couldn't see him through the rear or side mirrors.

Suddenly there's an old midget right beside my door, screaming up at me (in front of my grandkids no less) in total rage. I tried to apologize but he just kept at it. I suppose it didn't help matters when I suggested he oughta wear a flag or a tall hat or something.

Come to think of it, he was wearing a particularly well fitting pair of carhart bibs,

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I hate whiny people!

At least he didn't blame this situation on "bad karma.":p

Myself, I hate short people because they design and build structures without enough headroom.I've got the lumps and scars on my cranium to prove it.
They also usually have their trees pruned too low, that is, until I started doing their landscaping maintenance. Due to my vision being obstructed by my wide-brimmed hat, I would occasionally bonk my head on low branches. Then, curses would fill the air, out would come the saw, and curse-filled moments later, problem fixed. Max clearance obtained, and short people are OK once more.:D
You speak the truth!!!!! A lot of the companys (like exoficio) don't make any thing longer than 32" inseams. Who wears those???? And if you have a 36-37" sleeve length, you can't buy shirts. I think we need to revolt and start a club for normal size people that can't fit in airline seats and other public accomodations. If they can do it for americans with disabilities why can't they do it for us????
This world is built for average people... While there are more options for shorties than us taller than 6', shopping retail, flying coach and driving asian cars are all reserved for the average sized people of the world. Time to revolt!!!


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Amen on the Asian cars. There should be a sticker on them that says:

"Fits inseams 19'' through 26". But many American cars have terrible seats too. You can spend $15,000 on options for a new car but nowhere can you check a box(for any amount of money) that says: "Fits inseams 32" through 38".

It's like going into a shoe store that sells every type of shoe in the world but they are all size 7AA.

I have a honda element and you can put 4 guys 6'+ in waders in it comfortably, so they quit making it. I think there is a conspiracy against anyone over 5'-6"....

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