Considering the Sno this weekend

Is it to early to consider a cast or two near Fall City on the Sno this weekend? The wife said go for it but would like to think there's some chance of hooking a metalhead

Connor H

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Haven't heard of any winter fish there yet, but Its always worth getting out and getting a line wet. There are salmon in the river, and chum pull harder than steel...
I may be in the area and looking to get out for a few hours saturday morning. Let me know if youd be interested in meeting up, ill be in Snohomish.


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Thanksgiving weekend was traditionally the beginning of fishable numbers of winter steelhead on the Snoqualmie River. With lower smolt to adult survival rates, that's not necessarily something one can count on. However I heard there were three boats on the river last Saturday, so maybe they had a good reasons for being there.



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Some one has to take the first cast to figure out if there is any fish in the river. This time of year, I suppose there is always a chance of hooking up. I say go for it.
Well, I made it over to Duvall today. Did not get down to Fall City.
River is high and dark as one might expect with the present weather patterns. I guess you could fish any given river at any given time, but for me, it is too high and too dark. That said, probably some very talented fishers might take the fish of a life time this week end.
My advice is to dress warm, dress dry and take the heavy fly box.
Water was good yesterday, but sounds like there is more rain on the way. Had a nice Chum take me way into my backing before bending the hook enough to swim free... No sign of any Steel though :(

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