Swap Damsel swap - the flies are in the mail

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Sorry for the delay in getting them out. I wanted to try scanning each fly for the gallery before I sent 'em. I'll post up the scans next week. The flies were dropped off at the Bellevue main post office this morning so most of you should have 'em on Tuesday. (Sorry Ive, it'll probably take a little longer for you).

Some of the flies that were toe-tagged wouldn't fit into the little plastic hook containers that some of you sent in so please be sure and check the envelopes for the rest of your flies before throwing them away.

Finally, thanks again to all who participated. This is the first swap I've ever been a part of which had 100% participation and all flies turned in by the deadline.

My share will be going into a special reference library box instead of being fished. With so many different ideas incorporated into your patterns, I'll be going to school on them for future seasons.

Tight lines.


Scott Willison
Thanks for taking the time to organize and orchestrate the swap Kent. It's good to hear how smoothly things went and I'm looking forward to seeing the results of everyone's efforts.

Just got mine!!!


I just received my box of goodies in the mail.

Thank you for running the swap and to everyone for tying such killer looking Damsels.

Tight Lines,



Idiot Savant
Toe tags? Does that mean they are as dead as my brain? Sorry that I spaced the tags, when photo's are posted I'll add the recipe to the comments. Damned fine bunch of flies though, and a great job by the Schwapmiester!

P.S. got 'em all, even the rogues that wouldn't fit in the box, Thanks again!


Life goes on, enjoy it...
Yes!! These flies are awesome, I am in awe of some of the tying skills the people involved with this swap have. This has been my favorite swap so far. Great Job Everyone!


Scott Willison
I got mine today too. All I can say is wow! Now it's time to find nice weed bed and find out first hand whether or not the trout are as impressed as I am (fairly confident they will be). This was my first swap and a great experience. Can't wait until the next one.

i just checked out all the flies and... wow... am i ever jealous of everyones skills. great flies. now the time has come to get out and cast. hopefully my gold bead head wooly bugger version is not a let down. happy fishing and thanks.
Thanks for running the swap fortuna. The flies are great
and I can't wait to see the pics posted. Maybe each of us can include the recipes in the comment section.


Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
I just uploaded the photos so they should be available in the Gallery before long.

This is the first time I've tried scanning flies instead of using a camera. While I don't think the results do justice to most of the flies, using the scanner is sure a lot easier and quicker than setting us a tripod, vice and lights. See what you think.

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