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I have seny my flies for the get the skunk off swap and I have been done with my junior swap flies for almost a week and plan to send those tommorow. I NEED SMALL BEADHEADS! 2 weeks late and I have three peoples flies.

( x( :reallymad

nwflyfisher, i got yours today, thankyou for the extra orange hackle flie.:thumb
Glad you like it. I found it in an old Magazine I think it's Called "Queen of the River" nice pattern kind of reminds me of "The Professor" now that baby will catch some trout! Okay everybody where are the flies !!
Steve "Be the Nymph"
thought I would bring this back to the top as a reminder Madison is probably still waiting on the the Bead heads. Come on guys. Just let him know if your in or not,I would personally like to get some good patterns, what do ya say?!:( :bawling :beathead
I sent mine the day after the deadline but they never made it. I did something wrong or the USPS did, I'll probably never know.

This was my first swap and I have limited free time, While I'd love to get some good patterns... I think I'll cut my losses, consider this fly swap thing a bad idea and just tie up 12 flies for myself.

Good luck.:bawling


AKA Beadhead
You should have my killer caddis by now, sorry for the delay, how about the others? Are we getting anywhere here?

One bit of advice for all swapmeisters. While it is certainly true that a deadline given once should be met by all players, The more succesful swaps have involved quite a bit of chatter right up to the deadline. This helps people get going I think. Shouldn't be necessary but I think it is. Especially in the middle of prime fishing season! Well, come to think of it, anytime is prime season for something or other in Washington.

Madison, will you post pics? If you need help with this, I have a digital and I also live here in Seattle. let me know.

Everyone else, if you have not sent yours in, do so quickly, sleep is optional. We shouldn't put Madison (Mr. Angler) through this grief.

Bh, the better late than never

Hey beadhead,
i got your flies a while ago. And I know that i sent you an email a while ago telling you this. but if you didnt get it now you know.

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