Swap beach silver fly swap

10 it is, any pattern you use for shallow water silvers

so far:

roger stephens

catch and release wild sculpins
we have 8 so far, I'm sure 2 more people will join.

just send a few dollars and a toe tag to

Ben Hogg
6743 Vandecar rd
Port Orchard. WA 98367

catch and release wild sculpins
10 went out in the mail today from me Ben. I wanted to do more but; have been really busy putting up hay for the past few days.
Thanks for doing this swap though. I just wish that we could've had a better response.

Jay Allyn

The Poor-Student Fly Fisher
Due by the 19th?:eek :eek :eek I might won't be able to make that. I can have them by the end of the month. Epoxy takes a long time without a machine. Too many other swaps and camping going on...