Specific Spey question


Another Flyfisherman
Have any of the spey rodders on the board loaded a Tioga 12 LA with an 8/9 wt SA XLT Spey (floater)?

I have a tioga 12 LA and had some minor capacity issues.

FACT: A tioga 12 LA will NOT hold any backing when loaded with a Rio Grandspey. Also, one must pull the tip off to reel up. Soo, I am going to get a regular spool and have a mile of backing (which I will not ever need).

However, this 12 LA spool might still be of good service to me, IF someone can verify that it either will or will not hold a Mastery XLT 8/9 with some reasonable amount of backing. Thanks Jay


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If you can give me the outside diameter, the core diameter and the width of the 12LA spool I can tell you if you will have room for the XLT 8/9 and backing.


Matt Burke

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You will not get an 8/9 XLT on a large arbor Tioga. Not even sure a regular 12 will fit that line. I have a 6/7 mid spey and a 7/8/9 WC on a couple regular 12's and I still had to use Power Pro gel spun line for backing. Had to learn to tie some strange knots and the power Pro stained the running line. It works, but cosmetically it may not be appealing to the Fly Fishing Fashion Police and those guys can be brutal. For my Airflo Traditional and Grand Spey lines, XLT's are in this long belly category too, I found a bunch of closeout Redington AS 13/14 reels on ebay and bought them up. Eight of them at 50 to 75 apiece. Wished I would have bought another eight. These will fit any line with any backing. Either way you'll need to use 4 or 4.5 inch reels.

Matt Burke
I can fit a 7/8 grandspey with 300 yards of backing on my standard 12. The grandspeys seem to eat up a bit more space than the XLT so I would bet an 8/9 with 200 yards of backing will fit just fine.


Big K1

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The Tioga LA is the same spool as the regular arbor. The only difference is
on the LA Tioga made the diameter where the line sits larger without increasing width so the capacity is greatly reduced. The standard arbor
spool and the LA spool all fit the same body. I have one 12 LA spool loaded
with 8/9 midspey and maybe 50 yds. of backing if that. I only use the 8/9
for grass casting. I also have a 12 standard with a 9/10/11 windcutter and
250-300 yds. of 30 # backing. I would not worry about to much backing the more backing you put on increases your spool diameter which acts just like large arbor spools.



Another Flyfisherman
Thanks for the info. As it stands now - my 12LA and the grandspey has MAYBE 30 years of backing. Thank god for good drag. The 12 standard, I was figuring would solve it. Its better to have more backing than the current 30 yards I have now. Thanks again for the input. Jay