NFR How big is your turkey?

zen leecher aka bill w

born to work, forced to fish
21 lbs. Originally there were going to be 3 of us but two more local friends accepted yesterday. Chosen method: one of the ones on American Test Kitchen that gets the thighs cooked and keeps the breast moist but done. There will be turkey sandwiches for duck hunting on Friday.

Purchase location was Safeway, 53 feet north of the east entrance. Payment accepted was blue plastic. Best time seemed to be 3:00 in the afternoon on an overcast, light misty day.
I prefer small turkeys from small markets on light rods. As such our turkey is only 16 pounds and we got it on the North Fork of Michael's Meats aisles in Grays Harbor County. Early evening just before dark was the only time as it was a short trip squeezed in after work. A couple of Andrew Jacksons, size twenty were all that were needed that day.
I forgot to mention that ours will be brined, then rubbed with a paste of garlic, onion, sage, and thyme then deep fried!

Bacon goes in the stuffing! With leeks, apples, and cranberries.
Ours is a 20# hatchery raised brat, although "natural" and "fresh" and "locally [hatchery] raised" are all descriptors of the bird in question.

We anticipate 10-11 joining us, although with the forecast, that number may vary considerably from the actual turnout.

Smoked over charcoal and alder. I'll be up at 3:00 am on Thursday to get it started (and every hour thereafter to feed the fire).

Enjoy your friends and family this week and be careful on the roads.

Alder is my favorite smoking wood, this is probably because I grew up on the coast where it was plentiful and it was the only think that grandpa ever smoked fish and game with. Mesquite, cherry, apple all good choices as well

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I have no idea what size the stupid bird is. I don't grocery shop anymore. That's the wife's job. And as far as cooking the dumb bird, that is what my Granddaughter does. She can make a right nice tasting bird. But I know the thing is huge as it is a heavy one.