Rio CamoLux fly line Review

Got out to fish for the first time on Tuesday. Fished a new CamoLux intermediate line from Rio.

I've fished the aqualux lines for about five years now and really like them. My only main critique is that they are really stiff in the cold and coil and tangle like no other. It helps some to stretch them out but they still tangle and invoke profanity.

I tried a new camolux line yesterday which is preported to "fix" the problem. I only had one tangle all day, though it happened to be while I was trying to get a huge rainbow on the reel!

Overall a really nice line! I think it is quite an improvement from the Aqualux. The thing casts like a dream and was a real pleasure to fish.

All in all highly recommended!

Tight lines and happy thanksgiving!



Indi "Ira" Jones
I agree, mine tends to coil a bit when cold. I know this enough now though that for the most part I without really thinking about it strip and lay the line down in my boat in away that prevents most of the tangles.

Thanks for the review.


Fly Addict
I had my first experience with the Rio Camolux line this past Canadian Thanksgiving up here in BC. Took it out on a stillwater trip chasing some pre-ice-on rainbow trout and had a great weekend landing some beauties. And the tangle-factor was very low.
Thanks for the report. I haven't fished clear lines for about four years now because every one I've tried has been a nightmare in cold conditions. If I ever decide to give them another try, it sounds like this is the one.


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If you gave up clear intermediates because the PVC lines have alot of stiffness and memory (and crack too by the way) try Airflo, which uses polyurethane instead of PVC.


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