"Two Pole" on quality waters


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I like the BC version where a. Person alone in a boat can use two poles

Once there two folks in the boat one pole each



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What I would like to point out is when using two RODS on a put and take lake in eastern Oregon this spring I hooked two fish at one time. one being 17 in. the other (second indi down) was right at twenty in. and 4 pounds. I was already fighting the smaller (yet good size that fought hard) fish and it took some time to land him. I had to put the other rod between my legs and pointed behind me (fishing both sides of the boat) and when I landed the first fish had to just throw it in the bottom of the boat to fight the other fish, which in turn made me have to kill the first fish and have the second larger fish on to long! took some time in my deep net to revive the second larger fish before release and glad it survived if in fact it did? the lake was a slaughter with the baiters and trollers so I didn't feel bad about killing the one fish but I really didn't want to!

Now when this happens on a catch and release lake what the hell do you do??? I also fished two rods deep by the damn and had a hell of a time keeping up with both rods (one deep sinker fished straight down and one indi at 25 feet) luckily I never hooked two at a time at that location because I kept missing the indi fish, not because i wasen't getting bit on both rods at the same time. After the two larger fish I put away the second rod right after landing those fish - I felt BAD!

I never fished two rods again the rest of the year for the reasons above. if the fishing is slow it can help you figure out patterns and depth faster but once dialed in - take the other rod out! JIMO!
I guess I am not very good at multitasking. Although I have two hands, I find that when fly fishing, both are usually busy, and I have no need of a second rod. But that is just me. YMMV


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I don't mind using one pole. But if it is an option available to the non-regulated public (standard rules) then I think the option should be available for selective/special waters as well. Why should WDFW discriminate on angler type? If you don't want to buy the two pole endorsement, then don't. But if someone else wants to, then they should have that option.

I'd much rather fish one rod and multiple flies than a single fly on multiple rods. I think that logic goes back to saltwater fishing, which is vastly different than freshwater lake fishing.


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I have not had a problem with two fish on two rods, we do it all the time here.Most of us use rod holders so you just leave one fish to itself until the first one is taken care of. Two fish at a time happens quite often when fishing chironomids. Now two fish on one rod I could see as a problem. Two double digit fish from a lake in the Caribou on one rod would spell disaster.:eek:


when I landed the first fish had to just throw it in the bottom of the boat to fight the other fish, which in turn made me have to kill the first fish and have the second larger fish on to long

Why did you just have to throw the fish in the bottom of the boat? Land and release fish 1 while letting fish 2 just swim around with no tension. Or, pop off fish 1 and land fish 2. No real reason either fish had to be played to exhaustion or thrown in the bottom of a boat. A hooked fish with no tension isn't going to thrash around until it dies from exhaustion.

Or, don't fish with 2 rods if it's a difficult task for you. Problem solved.


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Hmm interesting post PT. it took you two weeks to come with that? you must be proud! as noted I did not fish with two rods again or can't you read.


Proud of what? Pointing out a fish doesn't have to be thrown in the bottom of the boat because there is a fish on the other rod? Sorry for the suggestions regarding fishing 2 rods. I was only trying to simplify the process for you.

Btw, it took about 20 seconds for the post.

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