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Indi "Ira" Jones
Bro. That would be totally harsh to neuter my beads. I will keep them to myself. I know I should swing but I can't stop bashing steel with these things.
Like on every cast. Even took a trip with Hickman to learn, buy u guessed it, got skunked. Seems to me swinging never works. These things are the bomb. However u have no need to worry as an Oregon guy I can only dream about crushing more op chrome than west coast choppers builds in the home of glasso. Tight lines all.

I think I like this guy already, unless he is also a blatant product endorser.
its true I have not posted till now,I am a lurker. Been a member for a while. But I am for real and not affiliated with the company. I only posted cause someone quoted my testimonial. I am not plugging anything. That's rad u like me cause I have been afraid to post for fear my chrome dusting, bead chucking ways would be criticized. I think I like u to bro.
Yo Dustin, I have a friend that uses hevi beads all the time and he said they are going to be putting out some new designs that are specific for chum.

Have you tried any of these new ones?

Just curious because the rumor was they might make em scented. If figured that shrimp would be a given but if Tuna Oil were on the list I might be heading over to Dick's to pick up a few.

Jeremy Floyd

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Some folks are going to be required to post with green colored fonts only. There is gonna be some sweet envy-bathing to follow, I am sure..

James Mello

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Even if pegged and and and allowed to dead drift at a specific level suspended under an indicator? I just saw a You-Tube video by the owner of Hevi Beads last night, first time I had heard of them. It seems to me that the faster it sinks to the desired level, the more productive fishing time you can achieve, the longer your offering will be in the strike zone, the more fish you can catch. Of course, all this is assuming a colder water temperature whereas fish are less active than moving to a swum fly.
I'm on a BOAT! There really isn't a huge need to get down that much when you essentially side drift.


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if they are made of glass they will break. I've been using glass beads for years, but I've moved back to plastic, because of the breakage. While the drifts are better the same result can be had from pegging your bead above a weighted nymph, or a hook with some leader tied dropper style off the bend and a split shot on it. Sometimes this makes a difference, but usually not.

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