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The Discover Pass is one of a number of state "fees", etc. This weekend, some jerk stole the license plate off the back of my car. Did I say "stole"? Yes. So, I reported it to the local Sheriff. I went to the courthouse this afternoon to get new plates. "Ah, yes sir, that will cost you $27.75 for the replacement". That's right folks! The State collects money for your stolen plates. No "freebies"!! I just think it kind of stinks. My suggestion is to put your plates on with square head type screws so no "low life" can get your plates easily. They took my plates off of my 98' Civic. The "new tabs" are due in January for an additional $43! What a deal. I'm retired and on my fixed income so every little thing adds up for me. You would think that reporting it to the Sheriff that it would help them catch some "bad guy" trying to escape somewhere with my plates on his stolen car to another state and that reporting it would help them catch the possible killer or whatever!!! That's what ya get for being a good citizen. Another fun fee/tax is when you sell your house, the State takes 1.78% excise tax. That would be $4,450 for a house sold at $250,000. Maybe the State will get really rich with a new marijuana tax and take away the Discover Pass fee, etc.??? Dream on taxpayers. Sorry, I had to rant. I just am in the mood. :mad: Oh, and besides the $27.75, I had to stop at Home Depot and buy two screws to put it back on for $1.28!


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#3 yer gonna get Old Man carrying on about free replacement plates in Montana, and his early 'no tab' free license plates in Washington, before the SOB's ruined the state...but he escaped to Dillon just in time. I'm doing Old Man's bitchin for him!
Wow Larry, that sucks.

But you're wrong about the marijuana tax. They'll probably just take the tax revenue from that... create another figure to create more taxes. Maybe something called, "The Platinum" Discover pass or something. :eek:

Sorry, I couldn't resist. All joking aside, what happened to you just sucks, plain and simple.

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#5 yer gonna get Old Man carrying on about free replacement plates in Montana, and his early 'no tab' free license plates in Washington, before the SOB's ruined the state...but he escaped to Dillon just in time. I'm doing Old Man's bitchin for him!
No free plates. Just cheap ones. Before I got my trailer licensed the plates were of the small variety. So when I licensed my new trailer My plates were the large ones. No place in the world to put them on a tilt trailer to keep them from being damaged.

They have since came out with the small plates again so I replaced my beat up large plate for the small one that fit anyplace you stick them. Cost $12.50. And I don't have to get a new tab every year. These are good for as long as I own the trailer. Can you say permanent plates.

The same as with my ATV. I lost the plate on it and my replacement plate was ten bucks.

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This state just took a huge step downhill at the last election.. That is to say that King County took us down hill.. I think we need a state wide electoral college.. You know how many rangers have lost their jobs because the D pass doesn't bring in enough to support our parks???


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I just had to renew my tabs. So I'm going through the process online and I get "your plates are 7 years old and must be replaced" notice. I'm thinking what in the hell is this about....$20 to replace my perfectly good license plates. Then the next screen comes up and it's another $20 if you want to keep the same plate number!? What the? If it's like MT, the plates are getting made by prisoners that we (the tax payers) are already paying for. So we're paying for these people's food and "rent", paying them to build plates, then paying to get the plates!

To top all that off, the next day I park my car on the street for work with a printed reciept in the glovebox saying I paid my tabs. I get back to my car later and see a $45 ticket in the wondow for expired tabs. Well I think "this should be easy enough to take care of since I have proof of current registration." Nope....the only way to get it taken care of is to set a court date, take time off of work, and go down to the court house and plead my case to a judge. Now if that isn't the dumbest thing I've ever heard! So rather than be a productive member of society and go to work, I have to use my vacation time to go to court and cost the taxpayers who knows how much money all for a parking ticket???

Way to go Larry, now you got me all riled up again!

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At times like these, I find it always helps, recalling what my dear old dad used to say; "WHAT THE HELL YOU DOING IN THE BATHROOM ALL THE TIME...GET THE HELL OUT & LET SOMEBODY ELSE HAVE A CHANCE!!!".
Larry you should be glad they did not take the car that the plate was attached to.
Mtskibum if you bought your new tabs why weren't they on your plate?? Do you want the cops to have x-ray vision.
When winter gets here there is no correlation between common sense and ranting.
Remember boys there is no free lunch you all got to play by the rules...
Because I paid for them online and was headed there after work to pick them up (they don't seem to be open at 5:45am on my way to work). My issue wasn't with getting a ticket (although...expired tabs on a parked car?), but the fact that you must go to court before a judge for something so silly. I sold a car a while back, and the new owner blew the toll on the way off the peninsula. I get a ticket in the mail since there was no record of the sale on file yet. I sent in the ticket with proof of sale and it was cancelled...simple as that. There should be a system like that in place for things like expired tabs when a parking enforcer leaves you a ticket with no face-to-face interaction.

Either way for $45 I just paid it rather than hassle with going to court, and I'm sure that's what they're banking on.


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This happend to me this summer to my motorcycle. I had to do the exact same thing and get to pay the price for the crime. Literally the $ for it. Sweet.


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Well, at least for the time being, this scenario in WA is cheaper than what you would have been charged in CA:
  • Replacement plate $57.00
  • Failure to secure your valuables fee $13.00
  • Environmental Impact Fee $8.00
  • Folsom Prison Inmate Union Fund $12.00
  • Folsom Prison Inmate L&I Fund $24.00
  • Import Tax on China Tin Stock $ 6.00
  • Let this be a lesson to you fee $100.00
Use some Loctite on the screws next time... that really phucks them up!