FS/T 1963 Gibson Melodymaker, and/or Cort MR727 Acoustic

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Okay, I've got a couple of guitars that I'd like to either sell or trade for quality spey rod, rod/reel, rod/reel/line. I'd be open to Sage Z-Axis, VXP, Burk, Meiser, Beulah, T&T, etc.

First guitar, the Melodymaker is a project guitar that I rescued many years ago. It is NOT in original condition. When I found it in a music shop, it needed help. Don't ask me how it happened, but there was a scorch mark in the shape of an electric stove burner on the back. Someone had unceremoniously hacked a hole in the pick plate to install a humbucker in place of the original single bar pickup. So I stripped the guitar down to raw wood, removed the scorch mark and customized the body with some woodburning art work (been doing this for many years). So there is the scene from the Eagle's "On The Border" album on the back of the guitar and "Gibson" in Gothic style text bottom front. I've invested a little better than $900 in purchasing, restoring and customizing this guitar. The neck was reworked with new fret bars. New Schaller tuning keys, tunable bridge and strap locks, and speed knobs. Replaced the existing humbucker with two DiMarzio's, a PAF in the neck position, and Super Distortion in the bridge position. All new electronics, including reverse phase switch. Also comes with a hard case (that has some road wear but is still solid and intact). David Mountain, a reknowned NH artist friend was to do a night scene of an eagle soaring above thunderstorm on the pick plate, but we discovered he had cancer and only lived a very short time after. Small round mirror on front side of guitar was to the the shining moon above the storm.
Took this quitar to a number of shops to have it appraised, which is difficult as it is not in original condition. Quotes came back in the $700 - 1,000 range due to incredible condition, playability and hardware components. Most of the shops commented on the quality of the restoration work and the very sweet sounds this combination of DiMarzio's produce. It has a teenty neck that is a joy to play. I'd accept $750 for it, PayPal and buyer pays freight and Insurance. Or if we'd trade, we'd have to discuss shipping, etc. Photos will be included below... and others upon request.

Second guitar is a Cort MR727, one of their upper end acoustic quitars. It's red (orange-ish) flame maple, with banding . Bridge pins were upgraded to brass. It has chrome tuning keys rather than the black ones the manufacturer is now using. This guitar is in primo condition. It has Fishman electronics that make this quitar sound awesome. This quitar's neck also fits the hand nicely and plays like a dream. It comes with hard shell case, and I'll throw in a gig bag to boot. Price on this quitar is $899.00, but I'd take $500 and same deal as above: PayPal and buyer covers freight and insurance.
Here's what I was able to find in the way of review and pricing:

Gibson Melodymaker

Cort MR727

Other photos available on request...

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Fantastic Melodymaker. I am happy with my gear and not looking to add to it. Just wanted to let you know I like what you've done with it.
Best of luck.
Is the carving on the back original to the guitar or a modification? The guitar is awesome either way and makes me want to go out and learn to play but, unfortunately the old mind can't read a note to save my life. Good luck on the sale.
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