NFR Ready to move somewhere else....this is where your neighbors will be coming from.

Vladimir Steblina

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This is a great site based on IRS data. Basically, for each county in the United States you can tell where the county residents are moving too....and where the new residents are coming from.

So I tried a few counties. I even had a few secret spots known to the "special few". Some of those are still only known to the few.....however, if your destination spot is known to the urban masses....well, good luck.

Just for the "old man in Montana" check out Dillion, Beaverhead County. Hey, your safe from the invasion of the dreaded yuppy scum!!

Jim Wallace

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Hey Vlad, I think you just ruined Dillon.:eek: Now the xenophobic ones among the dreaded self-hating yuppie scum will move there to get away from other yuppie scum.:rolleyes:


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Seems like everywhere I checked there were about twice as many moving in as moving out. Must be some places that are the opposite.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
The interesting part is that rich people are moving to and from the same areas. So rich people from LA move to Sedona and vice versa. Poor people from LA move to eastern Washington and vice versa. But there are NO rich people from LA moving to Chelan County.

Interesting that the income of folks moving from King County to Chelan is greater than Chelan County residents moving to King County. However, some of that is age dependent. We send you our young people and get your old farts in return.
Apart from big city movers, like to/from Seattle, in most of the smaller places I checked, the outmigration was typically to the nearest city, whereas the inmigration was from more distant locales. Also outmigrants always seemed to have lower income than inmigrants from/to those same places. So, people who are unemployed in small town/rural settings move to the nearest city to find a job, whereas folks with some disposable income are moving to rural/small town settings.

A very fascinating site.


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Yes, very cool site indeed. In the case of MT, it seems to support what I hear from a couple of realtors we know -- old money from Helena moving to the Dillon area. No worries about yuppy-scum in MT... the state has built in immunity systems.


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Interesting map. Seems for my local area it is an accurate representation of our snowbirds in and out. I know of several in my neighborhood who maintain dual residency and pack up and head to Arizona at the first cold snap.

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