WA FFF - Northwest Fly Casting Expo – 2004 (Sept 25th)

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Northwest Fly Casting Expo – 2004
Saturday, September 25, 2004 – Tolt-McDonald Park, Carnation, Washington

by Len Zickler, Director of Education
Washington State Council – Federation of Fly Fishers

The Washington Council of the Federation of Fly Fishers is exploring a new direction for the Northwest Fly Casting Expo in 2004. The EXPO this year will emphasize education and outreach to the general public. MARK YOUR CALENDARS! - The EXPO is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th at Tolt-McDonald Park in Carnation, Washington.

The event will be modeled after the very successful Casting for Recovery program held each spring. The 2004 NWFCE will offer a series of casting and fly fishing classes for beginner to advanced fly fishers. In addition to beginning casting clinics, classes will be offered in advanced presentation, the two handed rod, the salt water flats, casting for greater distance and more!!!!!! All classes will be taught by FFF master or certified instructors and a clinic will be offered for those interested in the FFF certification process.

A youth program will be incorporated in the days activities to encourage young casters and provide a fun introduction to fly fishing and casting. Master fly tyers will demonstrate their skills and rod manufacturers will be on hand to share the latest the fly fishing equipment.

As in past years, a competitive casting event will provide participants the opportunity to show off their casting abilities. The competitive event will include distance, accuracy and skill components with a new “Danish” fly casting skill component. This should be a great experience and continue the “casting trophy” tradition! We look forward to your club sending a casting team – as many teams of four competitors as you chose!

Registration fees are $25 for adults and $10 for youth (entrance fee, demonstrations, competition, games and lunch). The individual casting or fishing classes will be offered at $25 a class. An optional casting certification clinic will be offered at a fee of $25 to aspiring casting instructors.

The program details may be viewed on the WSCFFF website (washingtoncouncilfff.org), or at your local fly shop. We are looking for volunteers, particularly for publicity. If you are interested in the event, have suggestions for clinic topics, or want to volunteer please contact Dick Raisler (360-466-5797) or Len Zickler (253-380-1168) for more information.

Bob Triggs

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WA FFF - Northwest Fly Casting Expo – 2004 (Sept 25...

The whole point of this fundraising event for the FFF is education. The focus is not on competition. Only a part of the event is competitive. The rest is all about learning to cast, or to improve your own skills.

There are some great games this year too. "Danish Casting" is one of the most challenging and varied games you can play with a flyrod. I played on one of the first courses ever set up, by Floyd Franke up in Roscoe New York some years ago. The game is designed to help a caster improve their skills. It has become very popular amongst fly fishers all over the world. Danish Casting Games were so named for "Dane" Poul Jorgensen, the world renowned Atlantic Salmon Fly Tier and author.

For those of you who are struggling with your casting, or want to get to the "next level', perhaps break out of "intermediate" mediocrity, this would be a good way to find the help you need to move along. Every time I go I learn something new.

Richard E

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WA FFF - Northwest Fly Casting Expo – 2004 (Sept 25...

Good editorial comments, Bob.

This event is about people who like fly fishing and fly casting getting together to hopefully learn a few things to improve their casting (remember, I realize this is pretty elementary, but catching improves significantly if we can get the fly to as well as effectively present it to the fish!)and have a good time.

The funds all go towards good fly fishing programs, primarily (I understand) to support the various youth fly fishing awareness programs the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) sponsors throughout the year.

I have assisted over the last few years (this is the fourth year of the event) in various casting games, and I have learned a lot just by watching others cast! How many times have you been fishing and it's either really windy and you can't get the fly out, or the spot you want to reach is on the other side of the river/creek, or the fish are porpoising out in the salt chuck juuuust outside the reach of your cast, or you can't get the right dead drift because of multiple current seams? For me, too many times, which is why really enjoy attending these types of events and hopefully learning how to handle these situations.

I'm not an accountant, but to the extent the FFF is a not-for-profit group, I'm guessing there is an opportunity here for a charitable donation tax write-off . . . just a thought and consideration.

Mr. Triggs, hope to see you there and get a chance to meet you!

WA FFF - Northwest Fly Casting Expo – 2004 (Sept 25...

Beginning Fly Casting - with John Reid and Mike Purusse: Learn how to fly fish! Basic casting, including the roll cast, pick-up and lay-down cast, false cast, shooting line, and playing fish. Equipment, basic knots and fly selection will be discussed.

Accuracy and Line Control - with Don Simonson: This is a class for the person who has learned the basics and wants to broaden their casting expertise. The class will focus on more advanced presentation techniques. Prerequisite: the student should be able to cast tight loops in the forward and back casts.

Casting for Distance - The Double Haul - with Jimmy LeMert: This will be a really fun class, designed to help you cast further, more easily and accurately, using the double haul. Prerequisite: the student must be able to false cast and shoot line.

How to Prepare for the FFF Casting Certification Test - Marilyn and Tony Vitale This class is designed for students who are interested in fly casting instruction and the FFF certification process. The class will teach you how to prepare, what to study, and the required casts for the test. The class will emphasize what it takes to successfully teach fly casting.

The Salt Water Flats - with Tony Vitale: Headed south for some bone, permit or tarpon fishing? This class will focus on the casting techniques and equipment for a successful salt water flats experience. Prerequisite: intermediate to advanced fly fishers.

The Long Rod - Introduction to Spey Casting - with Aaron Reimer. This class will be led by Aaron Reimer of River Run Anglers, whose home water is the site of the 2004 NWFCE. Learn the basic spey casts and their applications for single and two handed rods.

Youth Fly Fishing Clinic - with Aaron Culley: A fly fishing clinic designed especially for youth ages 8-15. Participants will learn the basics of fly fishing (equipment, knots, and basic casts) and an appreciation for aquatic environments.

Tony Vitale - FFF Certified Master Instructor –
Member of the FFF Board of Governors,
Owner and operator of KCS Fly Casting School in Sammamish, WA

Marilyn Vitale - FFF Certified Master Instructor –
Owner and operator of KCS Fly Casting School in Sammamish, WA

Don Simonson - FFF Certified Master Instructor –
Member of the WFFC and 30 years experience as a casting instructor, Seattle, WA

John Reid - FFF Certified Master Instructor –
45+ years fly fishing experience, Snohomish, WA

Jimmy LeMert - FFF Certified Master Instructor –
Owner of Patrick's Fly Shop in Seattle, WA

Mike Perusse - FFF Certified Master Instructor –
G-Loomis Dealer Representative and 2004 NWFCE Sponsor, Sumner, WA

Richard Raisler - FFF Certified Instructor –
Co-chair 2004 NWFCE. Board Member WSCFFF,
La Conner, WA

Len Zickler - FFF Certified Instructor –
Co-chair 2004 NWFCE, VP Education WSCFFF, Tacoma, WA

Aaron Culley - FFF Certified Instructor –
Board Member WSCFFF, Member Overlake Fly Fishing Club, Bellevue, WA

Aaron Reimer - River Run Fly Shop and 2004 NWFCE Sponsor, Carnation, WA

Brian Chow - FFF Certified Instructor - Issaquah, WA

Steve Buckner - FFF Certified Instructor - Winlock, WA

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