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A fly fishing store owner has strongly recommended ("more comfortable, higher out of the water, warmer") the inflatable Fish Cat seat (and back) over the foam seats that come with the Fish Cat. Before I spend $50 can anyone pass on your experience with the inflatable seats?


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("more comfortable, higher out of the water, warmer") enough said, absolutely worth the money IMO. I will never go back to the foam seat.
You would not regret having them, I think they are far more comfortable and give you extra floatation, I've heard the
foam seats can get hard over time.
I have the foam seat version. Haven't tried the inflatable, so I can't offer a comparison. I will say the foam seat held my butt(225 lbs) just at the water. I added two more inches of foam to the seat (cut open a throw pad and tucked the foam from that in under the other) I can sit all day ( tell the bladder needs emptied) and it's just fine. No numb butt and I would think it's a little more stable. It's not going to move under you when you lean to the side. Does this happen with the inflatables?


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[quote="Does this happen with the inflatables?[/quote]

I have had no issue with the inflatables moving. Im right at the 200lb mark and have found the inflatable to be sturdier than the foam. I understand how a guy can be skeptical of the inflatable seats but I assure you that you will not regret it if you purchase a set.
I have an older Super FishCat with the foam seat and backrest. Upgraded to the inflatable seat and backrest and used the tube twice and changed back. The tube wasn't as rigid with the inflatable seat and I did not like the backrest and it seemed difficult to adjust both for comfort. I thought about making a spreader bar for the front to spread the tube more but that seemed like a hassle so I have gone back to the foam with some extra padding and a thermarest sit pad and it has been fine. The only advantages of the inflatables for me are compactness and less weight if I want to carry the tube very far.

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At 225# the inflatable has been the ticket for me. Sad to say that Jeff and his strangely tall humanoid proportions and my much more grounded (not Itchy Dog short grounded) stature weigh in the same. Jeff is just too thin, that is all.

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