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So I don't know anything about this shop other then Ryan hooked me up with my 8133 and seemed like a really good guy. Invited me down for the weekend casting deal anytime etc.

I've heard the name but never dealt with these guys before...enjoyed it!!!

Many use or hang out there?


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Very good shop. Ryan and crew will take good care of you.
As Jeff mentioned, if they don't have it they'll order it for you and give you very prompt service.
My only problem with AA is I drive by it twice a day. At times the place seems like a magnet for my car.....lol.


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Stonefish, I have the same problem! Luckily it's a slight detour for me. But if traffic pisses me off enough, it's time to head for the shop!

Great shop and some great folks in there. Since day 1 they were awesome. I don't go anywhere else whenever possible.
I had a better first experience in the shop than I have at any other in the area. Non- Elitist and super friendly. Not what I have found everywhere and a breath of fresh air!


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Just shows that fly fishermen can't count or keep track of time. IRC Darling first opened the shop in 1977, not 1975, not that it matters now.

Have been to the "new" location in Lake Forest Park a few times, but it's more than a little out of the way for me. Good materials, good selection, and good service.

is the avid angler tom darlings old shop, the archer&angler?
Ol' Tom Darling, I remember years ago when my grandmother was alive, she lived a few blocks away from Patricks and my father worked at coolage propeller, I use to go up there with a few quarters and buy materials. Remember they would have chenille in glass jars that you would buy by the foot. I was just tall enough to look over the short part of the counter so Tom would pick me up and let me sit on it so I could see everything. I would spend the day talking fishing with him.

Once they moved to the archer and angler we still saw him alot. Never got to go to the Avid Angler as it is today, but I hear they are good guys there.