Avid Angler

Avid is legit!!! My home shop as well. Ryan and Ben are top notch dudes who are on their game when it comes to dusting chromers. I hear they catch a lot of big trouts too...

Ian Broadie

Flyfishing is so "Metal"
Ryan and the gang are top notch and it's my home store. Plus on occasion when I get bored and fishing isn't such an option I just go in and hang out for a bit.
It's five minutes down the hill from my house... Great people with great materials and always helpful if I need something. Probably gonna stay clear now that I see who else is shoppin there tho! ;)


your safe. I don't know where shoreline is? us northerners get lost easy, unless there's a river close?
I have been dealing with the Avid Anglers since it was known as
The Archer and Angler and over on Roosevelt. When the Archery moved out and Tom Darling went solo, I continued to deal with him. When Tom sold it, and they moved over to Lake Forest Park I followed them. They have moved within the mall, and the store is smaller, but I would expect that in these economical times.

I have had NO BAD EXPERIENCES when dealing with them. For my money
they are all first rate people and a good business model.
I'll throw my pennies in the jar. They are my home shop as well and I enjoy all the peeps there. Good company and fisherpeople with a good sense of humor. I'm just far enough away in traffic that I'm not there every week which is a good thing for my marriage and my wallet. Ryan is a great owner and I'm glad they are there. Just need to bring them some skittles, beer and butt-rock music there next visit to say 'thanks'.