Aitutaki Cook Islands

Not sure if this is the correct forum but has anyone fished Aitutaki-going there for 2 weeks in Feb for bones/GT and possible sails-?? favorite lines/flies etc??
I have fished many destinations but never Cook Islands.


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Never been there but sounds like a great place. I am heading for Honduras in Feb to fish for bones and possibly permit. I am a DIY fisherman and am always open to new areas. I've fished in Belize and Nicaraugua and flys and technique seem to be pretty consistent: shrimp and crab patterns like crazy charlies, puffs, bitters, merkins,turneff, and clousers fished on a saltwater floating line. Good luck.
Thank you for your response-if you wish to exchange experiences send me a note when you are back for comparison as I love to fish new areas around the world.i would of course do the same. I have been to Belize/Mexico/cuba /New Zealand/Christmas island/Bahamas etc a few times.Keith

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