So, Dec 3 2011, i tied my first salmon fly, a gawd awful JS on a 3/0 Alec Jackson.
Over the last year I've learned quite a bit, but still have a ways to go to reach the promised land of consistently good flies.

I guess the greatest advancement had been in my proportions - tag, tail, body, ribs, sides wings etc, but achieving consistency is my continuing goal.

Here's a Floodtide, my anniversary fly, on a 2/0 reworked (not by me) Sunday Limerick.
Far from perfect. Though i do like the short tag.
I think the tail is good, and i'm also pretty happy with the underwing in that i got it to stay visible. The JC actually arey under the GP swords!!
I made the main wing a little more shallow than i usually do.
Topping is ok. Marabou hackle, perhaps too long, but was all i had.
Throat could be fuller, but the is the recommended two turns.

Head, wouldnt look out of place on medusa..Ugly as all hell. I always fear running out of space at the front, but find that when i leave more space than necessary, i end up concentrating my wraps in a small area, which is what i should be doing at a normal head space.

Its been a great year. I started with salmon flies, moved to winged wets and rangeley streamers, then back to salmon flies. I've seen immense progress in all my tying.

Hope you guys like it.


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