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Skip Morris' creation looks like he fused a Hare's Ear and a Pheasant Tail and came up with the Skip Nymph. You'd think combining flies would make it more complicated but these are real simple to tie and they catch fish; this is a good thing. Won't say the Skip Nymph is any better than it's parents, but after you've been tying a bunch of PT's and GRHE's, it's nice to change things up. Bead head is optional.

hook - Tiemco 200R #14
thread - Uni 8/0 camel
tail/shellback/wingcase - pheasant tail fibers
abdomen - hare's ear
rib - copper wire small
thorax -hare's ear

mash barb and attach thread and wire at 60% mark; keep tag end of wire on far side of hook bend

wrap wire back to point above hook barb

apply some dubbing to thread

dub a tapered abdomen

measure some pheasant tail fibers (extend abdomen length behind the butt)

tie in ahead of abdomen to 1 hook eye diameter back from eye

hold tail fibers against the body and start wire rib forward

continue rib through abdomen

pull pheasant butts back, tie down, smooth with thread wraps

wrap wire through thorax to add weight and bulk (no P.E.D.s, all natural)

dub thorax (a bit heavier than abdomen)

pull pheasant butts forward to form wingcase; tie off and trim

whip finish, SHHAN; you could fish it like this

or rough the thorax up a bit with the velcroed popsicle stick

Mr. Morris recommends trimming out some of the tail fibers, so I followed suit (I would be just as happy to leave it intact)

You could easily take the fly down to a #20, although I wouldn't use this hook (had too many 200s break and straighten out). I'd switch to either a Dai-Riki 135 or 125 in the smaller sizes.



It's a neat pattern and you'd think it would work really well. I've tied a half dozen when Skip first showed me his pattern and I had high hopes but have yet to touch a fish while using the pattern.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Nice SBS, as usual, Scott.

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I learned a similar pattern called the J-bug - only difference is you tie in the tail first with the tying thread, then fold them up and out of the way to dub your body. End result is identical.

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