Does anyone?

Only in the late spring and summer do I use my float tube. It's nice to be in a float tube during summer months on the lake. Other than that I'm in my toon. In my toon I can use my fins, I have oars, I'm sitting out of the water and the cooler fits on the back of the boat. I bought my float tube so I could pack it into alpine lakes. Didn't get the chance this year, hopefully next year bodes well for a weekend hike to a lake.

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Like Brian, I use my light weight Outcast Trinity tube when I need to pack in someplace too far to get into with my wood skiff.
It's perfect for packing into the overhead compartment when flying, too. Mine came complete with a really nice day pack that fits the tube, fins, pump and all and I've fished a lot of ponds and lakes in other parts of the country and have been really happy that I had it along.
I used a tube for many years before upgrading to a pontoon. Used that for several years before buying a pram last winter. After taking the pram out just once I completely forgot all about my tube and my pontoon.

Fast forward to now- Got sent away from home for work for several months, and just the other day went and picked up a Fat Cat LCS. Took it out to Lone on Monday where I was promptly reminded why I love my pram so much. The tube is certainly convenient for my current situation- I can just throw it in the back of my rental car and head to the lake. But when I had it out Monday I was cold, it was very, very slow on the water, I wasn't able to bring my usual assortment of rods/gear, and I just didn't have as good of a time. I think my pram makes me a better fisherman for a few reasons, but I will probably keep the Fat Cat after I am done with this work assignement for use on my favorite local lake where pram access is difficult.
I use my watermaster for the lakes I can drive to. I can bring as much stuff as I want, move by fins or oars, add the removable bottom in cold water (pram mode!), deal with bad weather, and it sets up in about 15 minutes. Also have a supercat mini pontoon boat for walk-in access lakes. I really like fishing out of the supercat but the amount of stuff I like to bring on lake trips has grown. It's a tradeoff between fishing quieter waters and having a cooler, several rigged rods, etc.


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I use a smaller Assault for walkin's but I will be getting the new NFO Predator 6' long and 6 lbs. Sweet as they come. With the inflated seat area, floats higher on the water making it easier to butt drag :)

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