Bham SRC?

I'll be venturing to the Bellingham area for a visit soon and am curious if any of the beach areas up there offer SRC opportunities? Not looking for an close-hold spots, just not sure if the SRC habits in the far north sound area are remotely comparable to that of the south sound during the winter months. Thanks.
North of Bellingham there are some areas where you can find some great SRC and resident Coho action along the beaches. Access can be a bit tough, but theres some sweet spots for sure. THe Lummi Nation's fisheries programs for their coho create a lot LOT LOT of rezzies. Super fun on a stout 5 wt or 6 wt.

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
lately I've been getting the feeling that you can go to pretty much any beach in the puget sound-ish area when the tide is moving and have a good chance at finding cutts. Yes, some places are better than others, and the same goes for season, but they're there practically year round. besides, you shouldn't shy away from a good day of fishing because no one has confirmed that there is good fishing. Go confirm it for us:)
any Gravel or oyster beaches will get you in, stay away from sandy beaches. Look in Google map for decent spots. Tides make all the difference. Tides suck right now but better than staying home.. have fun.

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