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I just wanted to throw a shameless plug for Angler's Habitat after my interaction with them yesterday. i talked to Ben, who apparently puts all of the kits together.

A bit ago, a friend gave me a blank, thinking it was an eight weight. Turns out it was a discontinued Rainshadow 6 weight. Well this wasn't the blank that I had decided on to build and I already had some of the components and thought that they wouldn't look good together. I decided to build both!

I wanted to build an AT Matrix blank up, buying the components individually for a little nicer build quality, but didn't have the blank. I found Angler's Habitat's price for the kit only about $15 more than the cheapest blank cost I'd found! So I called them up and explained what I was doing. Ben put together the kit for me, but sized all of the components for the Rainshadow blank and included them with the Matrix. He even changed out the color on some of the components, and all for the same price. The kicker is that he even got the package out for delivery in the same day!

Super helpful place, he told me that they discount the components 70-90% when they include them in a kit. I'll be calling them in the future if I ever need anything else rod building, I'm a customer for life.


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I've been buying my kits from them for years. I will 2nd the plug for them, great shop. They offer fair money for reels and used factory rods on trade and do not buy back custom built rods. For a small crew, they run and impressive outfit.


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I reccomend going to your local fly shop and having them order you a blank, not only because it supports them, but if/when you break it you can have them warrantee it for you! Of course for batson and such this might not be possible. Anglers habitat is useful then
I saved a bunch of money on my last build, Sage Z Axis... The whole kit was about as much as the blank.
Oh and that was before Sage stopped making them.
Nice to do business with.

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