Whats your favorite running/shooting line?


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My experience is just the opposite casting shooting heads with my spey rod hurts a lot more than single hand casting. A week on the Bulkley 2 years ago had me thinking i might have to stop spey casting altogether. I have spey cast very little since then One week a year on the Umpqua and a few days here and there in other places. Also I cannot cast as superbly as I used to be able to skagit ans scandi heads have ruined my spey casting and to be perfectly honest the distance achieved by the two handed rod has destroyed my ability to present a fly the line the ink tip and the size of fly does all the work now a days. Lets face it is you are winter fishing and you have 12 feet of t-14 on it's a matter of time no matter how poor a fisherman you are.. I am going back to a single handed rod because i want to become a superb fisherman like I used to be. I don't want to catch a fish because of weight on my line I want to catch a fish because I am a good fisherman. Now that we are totally off the topic now ( sorry) I'll let you get back to your previously scheduled programing.
Also I am finding that the single handed rods that Kerry Burkheimer ( my boss) designs are about 1000% better than his spey rods.

The single handers are very special!
40# Berkeley big game for winter. I bought a giant spool for $10 it shoots and handles amazing. Super durable, high knot strength, can be repaired/replaced river side in minutes. High visibility (it literally glows) and did I mention it was cheap???

Can't imagine ever buying an off the shelf running line again.


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What select situations do you use mono over the spectra? Just curious.
I like mono for trout in fast water. I hate carrying a loop (for a lot of different reasons), so I fish with the line tight to the reel. Even with an almost-freewheelin' drag, I lose a lot of fish on the take when fishing with spectra, and I can only assume it is the zero-stretch thingy. Switched back to mono last year and my grab/fight ratio went way up.

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I've found that brand matters little and line speed matters much more because if you don't have enough line speed then your running line will tangle. That being said I personally use the Rio cold water shooting line, it's blue and I forgot the diameter and test, but it works well enough for some reasonable heroic casts but will still tangle if I do not generate enough line speed.

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